“Owners of multiple facilities share the common challenge of effectively  
                   maintaining their buildings through good and bad financial times.
Since we ultimately must be good stewards of the tax payer’s money, it becomes
          imperative to make fiduciary decisions on their behalf.
CARMI Design Group has been instrumental in helping Berrien Springs Public 
  Schools make those tough decisions. Their comprehensive facility study made it      possible to pass a sinking fund millage which will ultimately raise $4 million 
                          over the next 10 years to care for our facilities.
     CARMI’s unique scoring system effectively prioritized what, where, when and
                 how much the improvements would cost our district.”
Jim Bermingham
Superintendent of Schools
Berrien Springs Public Schools

   “CARMI facility studies made it possible for Cassopolis Public Schools 
                   to successfully pass a community sponsored sinking fund.
  Over the next 10 years, $2,000,000 in revenues will be generated by this fund.
       Building envelope studies with projected cost estimates were instrumental in securing $2,300,000 in Quality Zone Academy Bonds and $500,000
            in federal IDEA grants.”
Kerry Qwast
Former Director of Operations
Cassopolis Public Schools

   “A great priority tool, partially responsible for passing three,
                        two-year, two mil campaigns for our district.
           Our Board of Education is now reacting to “data driven” information
     in lieu of our best guesstimation.”
Bob Swanson
Superintendent of Schools
Carson City - Crystal Area Schools

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